Emily Houston Monroe is a MIT-educated engineer, national champion rifle shooter, archer, hunter and instructor with a passion for the shooting sports. Want to know more about Emily? Start here.


Are you a shooting newbie? Not sure where to start?

This blog is for you! I put together some resources for beginners, including a gun term glossary, a guide to handguns and revolvers, a rifles guide, plus lots of posts about how to get started with different types of shooting and hunting. 

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I would love to start a conversation with you about what works and doesn't work for you as a shooter or hunter. Let's connect on my posts about shooting techniques, hunting gear reviews, hunting, etc.

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If you're in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry, I would love to connect. For professional networking, including product assessments, check out my "bio" page and let's get in touch! I am reachable via email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.