The "How-To" Gun Girl No Longer On Facebook

I quit Facebook. Over the last year I've done some soul searching that led me to the decision to delete my Facebook account. Not just deactivate - delete. #nuclearoption 

Mostly I deleted Facebook because I want to be a present, active parent for my son. But also I want to be a better spouse, friend, and worker. If you read my previous post about social media, you'll know I fine-tuned my approach after seeing that Facebook had dramatically throttled back who saw my posts (probably in the hopes of me paying to "boost" my content). I'm not a big fan of that strategy, and as someone who blogs mostly for fun rather than profit, I can't afford to pay Facebook to share what I write. Oh well! 

If you want to quit Facebook too, I followed these steps, then went to I had to specifically type in that page because it was so hard to find how to delete (not deactivate) through menu navigation. 

If you followed me on The "How-To" Gun Girl's page, I'm grateful for your support! I will still be running this blog, so make sure you subscribe to see the latest posts.

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