Mission Critical Baby Carrier Gear Review

Mission Critical Baby Carrier Gear Review

My mission, should I choose to accept it: Thrive with my newborn baby in a house that is being renovated, knowing I go back to work in three months.

My tools: Lots of diapers, sleep (when I could get it), coffee (when I couldn’t get sleep), and a baby carrier.


My son was born at the end of July, around the time my husband Josh was knee-deep in sawdust from replacing walls on the back of our house. With our house under construction, there was no space for typical baby items like a stroller or a giant swing. That’s how I discovered the wonderful world of babywearing.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “‘Babywearing’ is recommended not just as a response to crying, but to prevent crying and promote parent-infant attachment and the baby’s development.” 

So not only could I save the headache of trying to make room amidst the tools and material that fills a typical construction zone, but babywearing would also help my son enter the world with fewer tears and a strong attachment to his parents. 


I learned about different methods of babywearing, and even went so far as to read about how different cultures wear their babies (I highly recommend Our Babies, Ourselves if that is something that interests you!). Wraps, slings, and soft-structured carriers - I researched and registered for them all! Wearing my baby allowed him to feel comforted and cared for while I could still get things done, since it freed my hands from holding my son all day.


 And I am happy to report that babywearing truly did help my son thrive during his first months on this planet. He’s a healthy, happy kiddo. I can’t recommend babywearing enough! My husband saw the benefits and wanted to get in on the babywearing action ahead of his transition to full-time caregiver once I went back to work. However, we discovered that what fit me did not necessarily fit him. The wrap-style carrier, which is infinitely adjustable, never felt right to him. And while I liked the soft structured Tula carrier (see my article on Women’s Outdoor News on archery-themed baby gear for more info on that!) my husband hated having to adjust it every time.

What are a couple of parents committed to babywearing, who are completely different sizes, to do?

Enter the Mission Critical Baby Carrier (MSRP $179).

 I received this carrier from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review. I have not been compensated for the review, and all opinions are my own.


This carrier is amazing. Adjustable, stylish, tactical, what more could I ask for?

Mission Critical’s Baby Carrier sits in a sweet spot in the baby gear market and it is unlike any other carrier I could find.


Unlike most baby-related items, it comes in colors familiar to shooters, hunters, and veterans. I ordered mine in gray, but it also comes in coyote and black.

Unlike most baby carriers, the MIssion Critical Baby Carrier does not scream “baby on board!” It is styled with practical simplicity, and it has a rugged, durable feel. It is machine washable, and it features a very secure-feeling front area for the baby to sit in.



Unlike many other carriers, the Mission Critical Baby Carrier is simple to wear. It fits like a vest or plate carrier. Just don the carrier, insert the baby, click the buckles closed and make adjustments if needed. All the adjustable straps are within easy reach - no contortionist act required to reach behind-the-back buckles.


 I will say that the carrier seems to fit Josh better than it fits me. My torso is short, which means the bottom of the carrier hits my hips, despite the straps being all the way tightened. That just makes some of the weight of baby sit on my hips instead of my shoulders. This is a great fit for my husband, and it would probably be a great fit for anyone, male or female, who has a longer torso.


Unlike most baby-related (and maternity!) wearables, the Mission Critical Baby Carrier features a decent-sized front pocket. Don’t even get me started on how few pockets there are in most ladies and baby items!


 As a bonus on the storage front, the Mission Critical Baby Carrier can adapt to store other items using the MOLLE strap system that is sewn securely onto the front and back of the carrier. They recommend only using Mission Critical’s accessories on the Baby Carrier, which is fine because they offer a lot of options! We currently have Mission Critical’s Rectangle Pouch and the Insulated Bottle Holder.


I set the carrier up with the pouch holding a spare diaper and wipes, but we plan to convert that pouch into an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) soon.


Like the carrier itself, the MOLLE system is super easy to use. Just thread the straps of the accessory over and under the MOLLE on the carrier and snap it closed. 


This is probably my favorite part of the Mission Critical Baby Carrier. The MOLLE system offers so many options for holding gear that for short outings, we really don’t need to bring a diaper bag.

 This carrier really is unlike other carriers. And unlike most other baby carriers, my husband is willing to use this one. 


Actually, willing might be an understatement. Since I am back at work, Josh is the primary stay-at-home/work-at-home caregiver for JJ. I can’t even count the number of selfies I’ve received showing a happy daddy-baby pair with the Mission Critical baby carrier. 


Thanks to Mission Critical’s baby carrier the babywearing adventure continues at the Monroe house. If you want more info on this baby carrier or the other items Mission Critical offers, check out www.MissionCritical.cc or follow them on Instagram @missioncriticalgear.

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